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Amnesty Adventures: Taking A Stand at Parliament House

Well, my latest adventures in Australia have taken me to Canberra and all the way to the very seat of power! Yes, here I am (on the right of the photo) with my Amnesty International colleagues in front of Parliament House.

CIE Team in front of Parliament

Photo: Amnesty International Australia’s Indigenous Rights team, with  National Director Claire Mallinson (centre)

We’ve been here at a big campaigning event to shine a light on the human rights of Indigenous children in Australia, who are 25 times more likely to end up in prison that their non-Indigenous counterparts (I know, a shocking statistic: working with Amnesty has been a real eye-opener!!).

Needless to say, I’ve been on filming duties, doing interviews and getting footage of key participants, plus editing video “grabs” for the media. Let’s hope the “pollies” (Aussie for “politicians”!) take notice of what we’re saying and DO something to improve the lives of Indigenous kids here in Australia.


For more on what YOU can do to help Indigenous kids in Australia, check out Amnesty’s website.

New Adventures in Australia

IMG_20170409_151113Well, it’s been a few months now since quitting London (again!) and arriving to start a new chapter in Sydney, Australia. Back in February, shivering through a dreary UK winter, I’d made the decision to return to sunnier climes, and happily “fate” provided just the opportunity I’d been looking for – a job offer from Amnesty International in Sydney, producing content for their digital team.

DSCN2147I should be used to international relocations by now (!), but the past few months have yet again been a kerfuffle of finding somewhere to live, starting a new job, making friends, and finding new places to hang out. Luckily, Australia is a very easy place to live (I lived in Melbourne for four years) and here in Sydney it all seems pleasingly familiar. Best of all, I’m beach-side, having found a beautiful recently-renovated studio apartment in Coogee, two minutes walk to the ocean and a gorgeous yellow-sand suburban beach.

I’m loving my work at Amnesty International. In just a few short months, I’ve already produced films and other digital content about all kinds of human rights themes – Global Ambassador Alicia Keys talking about her work with Amnesty, a series of films on child labour in the palm oil industry in Indonesia, a film with the Sydney Swans AFL footy team, and interviews with some amazing Indigenous rights campaigners right here in Australia. I’ve been setting up an in-house production unit, buying camera kit and all sorts of toys so we can film different kinds of projects as they arise. Very exciting!

Now I’m getting settled, thoughts are of course turning to buying a bike – yes, my next two-wheeled adventure isn’t far away, folks…. – and the maps are out once again to plan another Australasian jaunt. I’m longing to experience Aussie’s wide open roads once again and I’ve got my eye on the perfect bike to do it…

Right now, though, I’m enjoying a typical winter Sunday afternoon down at Coogee Beach – 20 degrees Celsius, glorious sunshine, and people out in force, enjoying beachside delights (in my case, that means a ginormous Italian-style gelato!). Yup, glad to be back in Oz. Very glad indeed. 🙂