Charity Adventures

Jeanie’s a keen supporter of international children’s charity UNICEF and whenever possible uses her travels and adventures to raise money for this fantastic organisation.

Here she is at the UNICEF school project near Ouarzazate in Morocco. Jeanie visited as part of a UNICEF fundraising trek across the Sahara back in November 2010, which she filmed and photographed for UNICEF UK.

(below) And here she is with the rest of the trekking group, including Big Earth producer and UNICEF Ambassador Russ Malkin, at the finish line of the Sahara Trek.

To see more Sahara Trek photos, click the link just below:

The footage and interviews Jeanie shot during the expedition were cut into a promotional video for UNICEF. Watch it here!

If you want to be inspired to do a charity trek yourself, you can read Jeanie’s daily blogs from the Sahara on the UNICEF website:

In May 2015, Jeanie started a full-time role with UNICEF UK as their Television Manager, looking after their new broadcast output – a dream job after supporting them for so many years!


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