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Amnesty Adventures: Taking A Stand at Parliament House

Well, my latest adventures in Australia have taken me to Canberra and all the way to the very seat of power! Yes, here I am (on the right of the photo) with my Amnesty International colleagues in front of Parliament House.

CIE Team in front of Parliament

Photo: Amnesty International Australia’s Indigenous Rights team, with  National Director Claire Mallinson (centre)

We’ve been here at a big campaigning event to shine a light on the human rights of Indigenous children in Australia, who are 25 times more likely to end up in prison that their non-Indigenous counterparts (I know, a shocking statistic: working with Amnesty has been a real eye-opener!!).

Needless to say, I’ve been on filming duties, doing interviews and getting footage of key participants, plus editing video “grabs” for the media. Let’s hope the “pollies” (Aussie for “politicians”!) take notice of what we’re saying and DO something to improve the lives of Indigenous kids here in Australia.


For more on what YOU can do to help Indigenous kids in Australia, check out Amnesty’s website.