Gearing Up For India

Filming the UNICEF Sahara Trek in 2010

As you’ll know from my last post, I had a great time in London and I’ve returned to Melbourne with lots of excitement about our India Adventure. This has been tempered by the inevitable anecdotes from people about how crazy the roads are in India – not to mention tales of near-misses or crashes in cars and on bikes that seem to be par for the course in that part of the world. So I’m approaching our roadtrip with a healthy mix of anticipation and trepidation – well it is an adventure, after all!

After get-togethers with Charley and UNICEF in the UK, I’ve realised there’s actually quite a lot of prep – not to mention fundraising! – to do in the next few months. So I’m making the most of a long weekend here in Oz to start hatching plans for wrangling gear for the trip and getting support from companies who may be able to help me out with the things that we need.

Right now I’m compiling a kit list – potential equipment, including camera (video and stills), tripods, GoProsⓇ and so on for filming and otherwise documenting the adventure. During my rendezvous with Charley, we compared notes about various filming techniques and ideas – including using Spot Tracker GPS or similar on the trip, so that people can follow our journey as it unfolds on the ground in India.

It’s always a trade-off between taking enough gear to properly cover the event and not getting bogged down with stacks of fancy kit. I’ll be stowing it all in the back of an old Ambassador, which isn’t renowned for its huge luggage space, so I’ll need to be clever about what I end up taking.

Setting up for a shot of Team UNICEF tackling a steep ridge in Morocco (as my trusty porter Mohamed looks on!)

Plus, there are particular challenges on this trip that didn’t come up when I filmed our last UNICEF adventure in the Sahara Desert. On that trip, with everyone trekking on foot within a relatively short distance, it wasn’t too tricky to film – I could see the entire group and catch up with particular individuals and happenings at any given moment. This time, we’ll be a convoy of cars and motorbikes potentially strung out over a fair distance (albeit contained by a leader vehicle, sweepers, support crew etc) – and, of course, moving vehicles always require particular tricks and techniques when it comes to filming. I just need to make sure I’ve got a plan of action and the kit to cover it all, so I don’t miss all the good stuff!

So, lots to plan – but it’s all good. Half the fun of any adventure is the preparation, eh? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Gearing Up For India

  1. Steve Swindon

    Gutted that this has been cancelled. Still not sure why UNICEF have pulled the plug. Now looking for an alternative adventure to raise money for charity.


    1. Jeanie Davison Post author

      Hi Steve,

      Yes it’s really disappointing, eh? As I understand it, UNICEF had trouble recruiting enough participants to the team to make the trip financially viable. 😦

      If you’re looking for another charity adventure, you could look at companies like Global Enduro and Across The Divide who organise some great trips for good causes.

      Good luck!


      1. Steve Swindon

        Already speaking to GE but I didn’t know about ATD – thanks. I intend to raise money for an Indian based charity as well as one at home which is very close to my heart. Will keep you posted.

        PS Nice bike by the way.

      2. Jeanie Davison Post author

        Good for you, Steve.

        Hope you find another adventure very soon – sounds like you have some great causes in mind.

        Let me know how you get on.


    1. Jeanie Davison Post author

      Hey Steve,

      Great to hear from you!

      Good luck with your bike licence. Looking forward to riding with you in India, it’s gonna be an adventure!


    1. Jeanie Davison Post author

      Thanks Michael,

      India’s a very unpredictable and exciting destination so we’re sure to have an unforgettable adventure, as you say!

      Keep following for more news on the adventure as it unfolds…



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