The Call Of The Open Road

My new pride and joy at a coffee stop on our first ride

As some of you already know, I received news at the weekend that UNICEF have had to cancel our India motorcycle adventure. This came out of the blue and for those of us on the team who were already getting excited about the trip, it’s been a huge blow. It was a hard decision for UNICEF, but ultimately they weren’t able to recruit enough team members to make the trip financially viable. Such a shame.

With uncanny timing, the news from UNICEF coincided with the day of delivery of my new Suzuki motorbike – a gorgeous new retro-style TU250X – and being back on two wheels again has compensated somewhat for the India trip being shelved.

A 100-km spin down the coast round Phillip Bay on a beautiful sunny Sunday was enough to get me out of my funk and remind me that the simple pleasures in life are really what count. A couple of hours on the bike and the world opened up to me again. It’s true what they say: motorcycling really is good for the soul. 

“Volty”‘s odometer on delivery – time to put some miles on that clock, eh?!

The Melbourne weather hasn’t exactly been conducive to riding this week – freezing temperatures, hailstones and gales: always favourites with the biker! But that hasn’t stopped me turning my thoughts already to longer trips on the motorbike. With India fading from my mind, new adventures are starting to fill my head, the maps are back out on the table, and my head is racing again with possibilities.

One adventure may have gone away, but rest assured another is already being warmed up. Watch this space… 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Call Of The Open Road

  1. Texas Rambler

    I’m sorry to hear about the UNICEF ride.

    May I suggest starting a ride bucket list. I have planned many rides and they are filed away waiting for me to make them happen. I am continually adding to the list. It is a great source for what next…

    Hope to see you on the road sometime…

    1. Jeanie Davison Post author

      Ha, as it happens I do already have a riding bucket list! I actually started compiling it even before I learnt to ride. 🙂 It includes Africa top-to-bottom and riding across Mongolia!

  2. Jim Moore

    Sorry for the cancelation. Maybe it was for the best. With spring coming before long, you can put more miles on your new bike. And plan a nice motorbike adventure of your own. Planning a trip is so exciting. So I can’t wait to see where you choose to ride. But don’t forget, you don’t have to go far away all the time. Sometimes there are great places not so far from home just waiting to be explored and shared with others who might not ever get a chance to see them first hand.

    1. Jeanie Davison Post author

      Yes, riding round the Mediterranean through Italy, France and Spain last year certainly gave me the taste for even longer motorbike adventures!

      Definitely thinking about a “close to home” trip in/around Australia but also keen to head to more exotic/challenging locations too…

      Meantime, as you say, time to put some miles on my new Suzuki! And it starts this very weekend…

      Rubber side down! 🙂


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