Biking The Mediterranean

Jeanie Davison

Motorcycling the Mediterranean coast from Naples round through Italy, France and then into Spain was my first overseas biking trip – and it didn’t disappoint! Whilst trepidatious about riding on the “wrong” side of the road – and whether I’d taken too much stuff to carry on a bike! – my desire to head off on two wheels through Europe for a month propelled me along on an exhilarating journey.

Hiring small 250cc bikes in each country I went through, the only rule of the trip was to follow the Mediterranean coastline as closely as possible. And with the sea breeze in my hair – well ok, whipping through my helmet! – and scenery to die for, a new sense of freedom took hold in the way that only life on two wheels can provide.

Stopping over in small villages and towns along the way, overnighting in hostels and pensions (next time I’ll camp), I could have carried on forever! With nowhere to be at any particular time, this two-wheeled adventure truly cemented the joy of the open road – and in particular, the joy of long-distance motorcycling in foreign lands. Italy, France and then Spain are all countries I’ve travelled through before – but never like this. And I can truly say, two-wheeled touring beats everything else hands down.

By the time I reached Malaga, I’d run out of money. If it hadn’t been for that, I swear I’d still be on the road now, heading perhaps down to Algeciras, Morocco and beyond…

I did the trip on a whim, suddenly yearning for the freedom of the open road. This was my first taste of bigger two-wheeled adventures. So watch this space, there’ll be more to come!

2 thoughts on “Biking The Mediterranean

  1. Anita Mac

    A few years ago, I did a trans Canada by bicycle. I have always wanted to do again, but by motorcycle. First step – learn to ride one!!! Following the Med coastline sounds inspired and brilliant! Awesome post.

    1. Jeanie Davison Post author

      Hi Anita,

      Thanks for your feedback – and yes, you should definitely learn to ride a motorbike as soon as you can! It’s an incredible way to travel and you see countries from a totally different perspective. Canada would be brilliant on two wheels, I’m sure.

      Happy travels!



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